Global Digi Dental Clinic-微創植牙 Micro-implant


Micro-implant(Flapless surgery)

Micro-implant(Flapless surgery) indicates throughout the surgery, the gums wouldn’t be cut open, the maxilla would remain hidden and it would directly open the root canal of the tooth and create a path within the maxilla to implant the artificial tooth root. The micro-implant procedure comparing to the original implantation is simpler. The amount of bleeding, level of pain, and surgery time greatly decrease as well. However, due to the lack of vision during the surgery, our doctors utilize 3D Computed Tomography to achieve ultimate success and preciseness. If your oral circumstances don’t allow you to participate in Micro-implants, we suggest our patients operate in artificial implants. Our doctors obtain a great number of experiences and prior to the surgery we would provide details and answer any questions from our clients. We look forward to your decision and we welcome your visit.






Advantages for Micro-implant
  • Minimized surgery hours
  • Fewer wounds, containable bleeding, and faster recovery
  • Little to no sense of pain
  • Wouldn't need to sacrifice any healthy teeth
  • Only require surface anesthesia, which could lower any sort of allergic reaction
  • Providing clients that require immediate aesthetic results a temporary tooth.

Clients who are qualified for micro-implantations

Patients with abundant Gingiva width

Patients that had previously measured the golden ratio for Complementary

  • 療程短
  • 傷口微小、不易流血、復原迅速
  • 痛感低
  • 不必犧牲兩側健康牙齒
  • 表面麻醉即可,降低麻醉風險
  • 若有緊急美觀需求者可當天接牙,無美觀困擾