Xuan-Ru HuangHeadmaster

After becoming a dentist for 10+ years, in the beginning, I thought that the purpose of a doctor was to cure the patient's pain or sickness. However, as time went on I realized that as I helped numerous patients with their oral circumstances, their personalities became more cheerful and happy. This unseeable feedback allowed me to care for and help patients themselves instead of just taking care of the sicknesses.

You can know a lot about a person through their teeth. For example, sore teeth might come from a cavity, periodontal diseases, and even through grinding your teeth during sleep. These examples often reflect the lifestyle and stress of the patient throughout their regular lives. Once these problems are fixed, it will directly benefit the mood and condition of the patient.

Professional Consultant

A consultant acts as a connection between the dentist and the patient.
When the patient is confused or unclear about the dentist's treatment plan, the consultants may explain the plan through their expertise and experience to help the patient fully understand the meaning and purpose of the treatment.Consultants in Global Digi Dental Clinic are certified with the approval of the Taiwan Dental Association as a dental assistant, and through communication with the dentist and patient, we strive to provide the best treatment and enhance our service quality.

Mentorship through experience

I'm an orthodontist. 2014 in Singapore, an APAC Invisalign orthodontics forum was held. I saw the future of orthodontics at the moment and I realized I can't make a change solely on my own, so I gathered many other orthodontists and started the Taiwan Association of Aligner Orthodontics(TAAO), and mentoring various orthodontists that weren't familiar with invisible aligners. Through this organization, we can enhance our abilities and provide patients with the most comforting treatment experiences.

Earn your trust through my profession

A professional treatment that is performed correctly and allows the patient to acknowledge the difference and improvement of the situation is the basics of building trust with patients. We believe that communication is the key to success. We explain to the patient why their tooth is in pain, how to cure it and after that we spend time listening to the concerns of the patients and answering them. As they understand the process completely, it relieves the fear which is the ultimate goal for a doctor.

Strive for perfection

A golf player's life span is long, you can even play until you're 90 years old. I started playing golf a couple of years ago, and I'm the type of person to fully engage in something I find interesting. To improve my skills, I hired a coach to teach me and I even went to the gym daily to become fit and to develop better cardiovascular endurance. Not only have I become interested, but it also boosted my performance. This strive for perfection attitude and self discipline was demonstrated thoroughly throughout my practice and I believe every doctor should have this attitude as well.