Global Digi Dental Clinic-全瓷牙冠(假牙) All Ceramic Crown (Denture Tooth)


All ceramic crown (denture tooth)

What is an all-ceramic crown?

All ceramic crowns are a type of denture tooth, its entire material is based on ceramic and it was modeled after a denture tooth. Compared to the golden and silver traditional denture tooth, it completely replaces the eye-catching part. The entirety of your tooth would be completely natural and it greatly improves your aesthetic looks compared to metallic materials. Along with the Zhongli all-ceramic crown technology, it has reached a point where the color of the tooth completely blends in with your natural tone. Even if it’s the incisor that needed denture surgery(which requires high-level skill sets from the surgeons), it can be done beautifully thanks to this particular technique. If you’re in need of a denture tooth and currently struggling to decide, Global digs dental clinic provides comprehensive service, which includes a consultant that will provide you with details of the entire operation, and with the assistance of our medical team, we strive to create the best-personalized denture tooth for our patients.